Monday, July 20, 2015


Reno is pretty durn far away from Yellowstone, both physically and metaphorically.  

It was pretty.  But about 9 hours of this and you become a little numb to it.
First, the drive.  It was long.  461 miles.  Which, including stops, took us about 9.5 hours.  The kids did great for all but the last 3 or so hours, which involved intermittent moaning, crying, and demands to know why we brought them on this trip in the first place.  (It definitely confirmed my desire to rejigger the end of the trip so that we have more shorter drives, especially because Pete won't be with me at that point).  

However, when we pulled in to the resort where we were staying, I do think that I was forgiven.  If I do say so myself, I picked well.  We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort, which is basically a cruise ship without the boat.  There is an enormous pool, tons of restaurants on site, a bowling alley, an aquatic driving range, a spa, an arcade, a candy shop, etc etc.  

My skee ball queen

We had left early in the morning and gained an hour (Pacific Time starts at the Nevada border) so we pulled in around 5 - plenty of time to grab some dinner and to hit the pool.  I have learned that pool = forgiveness for my kids.

The view from our window

The other view from our window.

Fun with dad.
The next day was a "hang around day," which was both needed and fun.  We went swimming in the morning before the pool got packed.  In the afternoon we split up a little bit, with Pete and Jax going to hit some golf balls and Lea and I getting pedicures at the spa.  We all had a good time.

Girl's date selfie!
After a little chillin' out, we hopped back in the pool, which by now was packed, before heading out to In-in-Out Burger, which the kids had been looking forward to for months.  It was quite delicious.  We have become something of cheeseburger connosieurs over the course of this trip, and, for fast food, In-n-Out did not disappoint.  The shakes didn't either.  

This kid loves his cheeseburgers.

So does this kid.
All in all, I wouldn't want to live in Reno, and I don't think that I would have really wanted to spend much more time there either, but it was a nice stretch of R-n-R before moving along.

Good bye, Grand Sierra!
Now we are in San Francisco, we've made it to the Pacific ocean!, which is great and will get its own post shortly.  

There it is!  The Pacific!

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  1. So glad that you had the time in Reno. What a refreshing change of pace. It seems like everyone enjoyed the activities, the rest, the food, etc. Miss you all. Love you lots, Mom