Monday, July 6, 2015

Ann Arbor

Oh my gosh, we've been having so much fun.

We left Buffalo Saturday morning, and, after a bit of wait at the Canadian border, we hit the open road across to Michigan.

Canada: land of windmills.
It was a longish drive (about 6 hours), but again the kids did great.  

Ok, things got a little silly when "I'm Sexy And I Know It" came on, but hey, it had been a while.
We made it to Ann Arbor at about 3 in the afternoon, and the kids all hit it off right away, which is awesome.  Lea and Nina hit the kitchen right away and made a delicious pound cake that we ended up gobbling up for dessert, and Jax and Elliot started playing Legos and worked on a fort and all kinds of things that fulfill all kinds of gendered expectations.  We had a yummy dinner and then had s'mores out at the firepit.

Thumbs up all around 

The next day we hung around in the morning, and again, the girls cooked up something delicious - this time, muffins:

Awaking to muffins
We then went swimming at a lovely local pool, and the boys head off to baseball practice.  Good thing Jax brought his glove!  

Then the Kuranz-Parker crew were nice enough to host a BBQ for the Bryn Mawr folk who landed in Ann Arbor, which is an awful lot of Bryn Mawr folk.  It was so nice to see everyone and catch up.  I met spouses and babies and children and it was good times.  

Wearing sleeping babies
Hey hey, the gang's all here! 

Yeah, this is adorable.
Not surprisingly, everyone was EXHAUSTED after being up very late on the 4th and up early on the 5th, so the children were unceremoniously dumped into bed, where they finally got a good night sleep.  

Today the Parker children went off to camp and the kids and Carolyn and I hit the Henry Ford Museum, which really should be called the Henry Ford Museum of Old Cars and Other Random Stuff.  It was surprisingly fun, and they had a bunch of good hands on stuff for the kids.

Lea as hot dog.
Jax as hot dog

Old timey car 
Jax, trying to crank on a lightbulb
Lea doing the same
On the bus where Rosa Park sat.  It was really cool.
In the actual seat where Rosa Parks was arrested.

And we've come full circle - hot dog hats.
Now we're waiting for the kids to come home from camp, and the plan is to have pizza for dinner and maybe hit Zingerman's for some brownies later.  

Tomorrow morning, as everyone leaves for camp and heads off to work, we'll get back on the road and head to Chicago.  Hopefully it will be a shorter drive than the last one, but everyone around here has said "unless you hit traffic..."  I'm planning on around 5.5 hours, but hopefully it will be less.  The bonus is the time change, so we gain an hour.  We'll pull into town with time still to do stuff, which I think will be the Field Museum.  We're going to try to pack a lot into our full day in Chicago, so we'll see.

Thus far, adventures have been great.  It's been wonderful to see, and make new, friends.  I think that the Kuranz-Parker family is going to have to make a trip to Boston...

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  1. So happy for you all. So great to see familiar faces and all those babies! Keep up your spirits on the road. I love and miss you all, Mom/Grandma