Monday, July 31, 2017


We're on our way! Stop one: Philadelphia area! 

We left Sunday morning and got the greatest of birthday presents: no traffic between Boston & Philadelphia. We made it in 5.5 hours including a bathroom stop. Awesome! 

We got in early enough that the kids could hit the pool before we head off to Bryn Mawr to see the campus & meet up with some friends. Both were great. 

Note: no one skinny dipped in the cloisters. 

I told them BMC looked like Hogwarts, and then we found the Room of Requirement. 

Friends! (Not the dude on the left. He just tagged along). 

We had dinner at Snap Pizza, followed by Hopes Cookies. A delicious end to a fun birthday. 

Yum, cookies! 

Today was our big Philadelphia day. We started at Eastern State Penitentiary, which was both very cool & huge. It was sobering to think about prisoners then and now. 

Hopefully the closest they'll come to solitary confinement. 

It took two guys a year to dig this tunnel out. 12 men escaped. All we're caught within 3 weeks. 

First penitentiary to have a dedicated synogogue. 

Graph of American rate of incarceration. Something is very wrong here. 

Outside of Eastern State Penitentiary (children for scale). 

After jail, we went over to Reading Terminal Market where we met a friend for lunch. Everyone's lunch was good, and seeing an old friend was awesome. We ended our trip there by picking up some chocolates from a very pun-heavy chocolate shop. 

Our best angle for sure. 

We then walked over to independence hall, about 8 blocks away. I had wanted to take the kids to see the liberty bell, but instead we saw the _line_ for the liberty bell and just noped on outta there. We did have tickets for independence hall itself, however. 

Birthplace of the Revolution AND the Constitution! Wow! 

Yeah, not gonna lie, it was boring.  But as I said to the kids, now they've done it, so they won't have to do it again until they have kids. And I won't tag along on that trip. 

The guide hadn't even started talking yet and he was bored. 

We then made our way back to our hotel, stopping at Whole Foods to get some dinner. More swimming followed by chillin out rounded out the day. 

He didn't want to watch Tiny House Hunters with me and Lea. 

All in all, a good time. If we had one more day here I definitely would head to the art museum. Alas, we do not. Thankfully we have reasons to return. At least we'll be back when we drop lea off for BMC Customs Week in 2023. 

Today we had an easy drive to VA and have already had much fun with friends. But more about that later. 

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