Saturday, July 8, 2017


Who knew that Moncton was such a happening place? Not only is every conceivable big box store here, but there's a hopping downtown and lots of stuff to do.  Also, apparently there's a huge car show in town, so there are really cool old cars everywhere. Color me surprised. 

One of the things they have in Moncton is 
Magic Mountain water park. After sleeping in and a low-key morning, we made our way over for a fun afternoon splashing around. There was a lot to do and the weather came around and the day went from somewhat overcast to sunny and hot. 

Heading into the wave pool. The waves got VERY big. 

About to go down a jet-black twisty slide. 

Jax coming off the "Tornado."

These three were the traditional water slides that we went down a lot. 

Lea coming off the Tornado. 

We then had dinner at Cinta Ria, an absolutely delicious Malaysian restaurant, run by apparently the only Malaysian family in Moncton. None of us had ever had Malaysian food before, but I hope to again. 

My yummy yummy dinner. 

Now we're chillin' out in our hotel room watching The Simpsons & getting ready to head home tomorrow. We'll break up the drive by stopping back in St. John and then again in Portland. And then home to see Sally, who we have been missing terribly. All in all, a great trip. 

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