Saturday, July 1, 2017

On the road again

No, we're not going across the country. But we are doing a couple of road trips, and I loved having this space to keep track of where we went and what we did. So I'm reviving this blog and will post periodically about what we're doing. 

Today, we're celebrating Canada Day by going to Canada. Stop one: St. John, New Brunswick. Tomorrow the ferry to Digby, then a drive to Halifax. Two nights in Halifax, then on to cape Breton Highlands national park. Then Moncton, NB, then home. 

That's basically it for now. We were all packed up last night and we hit the road at 7am in an attempt to skirt as much traffic as we could. It's 8.15 and we're already in New Hampshire, so it's paid off so far. 

Onward to more adventures! 

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