Sunday, June 28, 2015

Just About Ready

Well!  It certainly has been busy around here, finishing up the school year and getting ready to hit the road.

First, the end of things.

After two great years together, and many years in pre-school before that, the kids spent their last morning with the wonderful "Miss Lauren."  It's a bittersweet good-bye, because we know she's going on to do such great things, but we'll miss her nontheless.

Master of the 3-person selfie!
And then it was off to the last day of school (finally!).  

Perusing his excellent report card.
We're very proud of how she did, too!
We celebrated first by taking in Inside Out, which was adorable and I strongly encourage you to see it.  Then, a BBQ with some friends. 

Too bad we're all such a serious bunch who don't know how to have any fun.
The weekend was all business for the grown-ups of the household.  It's really amazing everything that has to happen to get ready to go.  We finished prepping the camper, getting the last minute stuff that we had to get, got books on CD from the library, packing, practicing backing up the camper into the driveway, etc etc. 

Yup, this is 6 weeks worth of clothes.
For 4 people.
(not counting shoes)
Actually, not quite all business.  We were able to take a break and see my parents, my sister and her family and my grandmother and her husband for dinner on Saturday.  It was great to be able to see everyone before we set off for a while.

Hey hey, the gang's all here!
Also, while there, I was surprised with an early birthday celebration, since we'll be in Utah for my actual birthday.  

Help with the candles, and lots of good things to wish for!
Then, while Pete and I did more getting ready stuff today, the kids went off to the Museum of Science to see the Pixar exhibit with my mom and dad.  

Tomorrow it's in to school for my last meeting of the year, then my last cortisone shot before we go.  (Leg is MUCH better, knock wood.  Seriously.  Go.  I'll wait.  Great.  But I think better to get the shot than not). Then one more day home, and we hit the road on Wednesday morning! 

Wish us luck!  I'll post again from New York!

More photos here

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