Saturday, August 1, 2015

Antelope Canyon

We had been told that we really should see Antelope Canyon en route to Utah from the Grand Canyon.  It's on Navajo land, and it was supposed to be really beautiful.  The only way to see it is by guided tour.  It was pretty much on the way, and we figured we were only out there once, so why the heck not.  

It really was beautiful.  It was basically a one hour photo shoot, but I'm glad we did it.  The canyon was shaped by wind and water, the water coming mostly in the form of flash floods.  We were there on a gorgeous clear day, so we could enjoy what the water had left behind.

At the end!
It was late in the afternoon, so the light wasn't perfect, but it was still pretty beautiful.  An impressive work of nature in a completely different way than the Grand Canyon.  

After our tour we piled back in the car for the short drive the rest of the way to Utah, where we had a whole other bunch of adventures.  More on those soon.

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  1. Antelope Canyon is magnificent. You were so lucky/smart to see it!